SEV Lights (Green Energy Lighting Solution) is a company specializing solely in the importation, distribution, sale and replacement of traditional lights with LED lights. We are directly connected and in constant contact with our manufacturers and are specialists and pioneers of Quebec’s alternative energy. Our expertise is provided by an experienced team with extensive know-how in the field. We ensure that our customers receive the best product available on the market for LED lighting solutions. From the start, we have proudly assured our customers that we would provide them with high quality products; all certified cUL, at very competitive prices. With our many satisfied customers, we are proud to offer a wide range of LED products for all of your needs and special requirements.

In fact, this new technology and the many advantages it provides make this new LED lighting and our various LED light products a complement and a must for all new purchases or replacements. Our product range is the best available and meets all safety standards and applicable quality requirements. This allows us to provide our customers the utmost, not to mention the important factor of energy and money savings and, above all, environmental sustainability.

With our many high performance products and high power LEDs, our goal is to enable our customers to benefit from the substantial savings that are brought forward by using LED lighting as well as tracking the latest technologies on the market. SEV Lights has distinguished itself by providing exclusive products that reflect the importance of the cost-benefit ratio as well as many other advantages.

Energy saving and environmental concerns represent a great challenge and is therefore an immense priority for all levels of our organization. Our choice of manufacturers and products offered will be our key element to ensure that our many customers are satisfied, thus allowing them to receive the highest payback possible - savings.